Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lost Film #2 Etherton Farm & AUI Swans

When I moved back from New York I was going to move in with my friend Emily Etherton to her grandfathers farm out by Lake Arcadia. Well we learned the house was not in great condition to live in, so I went to plan B... Midwest City. 

 But yet again another roll of random photos... Maybe that's why I never got them developed.

Swans are mean

Summer is going to kill me!

A young Shelby dog.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lost Film :#1 Biting the Apple

This project is come with mixed emotions excited to see what was on the film and sad when I found out what was actually on the film. Friends I have lost touch with, Friends who have passed, how many times Brandon and Andrea's hair has changed. Then the photos brought me some joy knowing that this small time capsules opened back up and brought me back to a fun time in my life... Here's to many more fun times!
Roll of film was Ilford XP2 Super 400

Pre-party before  "Biting the Apple" Art show at IAO  came to this conclusion because of the whip in Estrella's hand...

Bosch & Estrella. Not sure who won that round.

 E vs Andrea... I think E won that round

The next day
I think Bosch is plotting his big move to kill the Brandon's for sleeping on his couch.

Jory the best friend ever!